“That is a (cool, slick, sharp, sick, awesome) car!” is the most common thing I heard on Saturday, but “I’m surprised that you’re driving it” was a close second...

My parents had our daughter for the day, so I decided that we should take the 02 on our outings . We first met some friends at a brewery for some flights and food. Then caught an early movie (“Glass”, it was ok). Afterward we went out to dinner at a sushi joint that we like. Copious amounts of stares and thumbs up were received and not once in our three stops did I make it from the car to the building or back without someone stopping to comment on it.

It was cold on Saturday, but it was sunny and clear. Still people were surprised that I was driving it. Even my best friend who is a car guy. To everyone that mentioned me driving it, I said “that’s what it’s for.”

A few people said things like “it’s cool that you’re out driving it, I know someone who own’s XYZ classic car and never drives it.” I don’t get it, cars work better when you drive them...


One thing I am quickly growing tired of is explaining how it’s different from a 2002. By the time the third person asked “is it a 2002?” or “is it a Tii?” I just said “yes”. I have found out that the people asking those questions have no idea what either thing is, so I’m just saving everyone time.

One guy saw the 1502 badge, and noticed little things like the euro spec license plate light. He said “way cool, man. I’ve been around these cars most of my life and only see one other 1502". He asked about importing it, and he obviously has been around the cars for a long time because he was able to guess that it was cammed and was sporting a couple of Weber carbs without me opening the hood. He even said to my wife “I bet you’re going to get tired of this if you’re not already!”


The only issue with driving it is having to wait for it to warm up (not a big deal), but I found myself thinking about driving it to the next stop more than being engaged on whatever was going on. I wanted to take to brunch on Sunday too, but we had the baby with us. There is no way into the back seat because the seats don’t fold forward, not to mention that it’s not the safest car for an infant to be in.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!