The bank I dealed with for the NC fucked me up. They accepted a few cars for the exchange and the CR-Z was refused. I was given 3 Ford Escape Ecoboost 2014, some CX-7s, Tributes, 2 Mazdaspeed 3s and a few koreans. I was like, no way I'm gonna go home with them, I absolutely hate them. Then I saw the Civic Hybrid 2012 in this exact color fully equiped except for a sunroof and I asked, give me a deal with it. Took a test drive and it wasn't bad at all. And...I've switch the keys and left with it.

Now why this car and not keeping my NC? Resale value, Maintenance, Gas, Comfort. Right now I don't have to wrench on it, the car has NOTHING to do at all on it. Gas wise? I'm laughing HARD! 10$ gave me 185 km! 10$ in my Miata would just fill 1/10 of the tank...and not even 50km maybe less. In the end, I won't lose as much as my NC Miata and it's MUCH MORE COMFY!

So I did the rational choice there. I'll save on gas so much that I'll have more money in my pocket in the end. Same for parts and maintenance. I'll just go cheap as fuck. I'm still sad for giving my NC away so easy but it's for the better. I still have my NA so I'm not out of the game yet and with the money I'll save up, I'll be able to fix it!