As you may or may not know, I’ve moved to Germany from Norway. This is a country where driving is easy, and there are Autobahns scattered all over. That’s why I am interested in getting a car, and thus need some tips.

Right now me and my Freundin borrow a VW Fox from her parents, while we are moving in and stuff. While it is surprisingly spacious and nice to drive in the city, it quickly runs out of breath when you want to go from one city to another. Cruising in 120-130 km/h means 4K RPM and lots of noise and petrol running into the engine. It’s not the most stable car either.

I’ve been looking at, and I should be able to find something decent, but old with these criterias:

Manual gearbox (yes, I’m sure)
5-6 gears
More comfy than a VW Fox
Cheap insurance

The last criteria is the wildcard one. Are there certain types of cars that you can get cheaper insurance for in Germany, even if you’re 24-25 years old? Are there any ways to get good deals? I’d very much love to get a Volvo V70 in my price range, but yearly teilkasko insurance is almost half the price of the car..