I'm thinking about selling my 302 parts..RANT!

My dad has just gone and pissed me right the fuck off again.

So the GT40P heads came today, but I had to get them shipped to my work, which is bad because I work for my dad. They arrived this morning while I was in class, and apparently my dad was there when they came in. I called my work after class inquiring if they came in, my co-worker answered and said they were in and as soon as I said I'd be on the way to get them after lunch, my dad had taken the phone and started bitching me out for ordering them without his permission. PERMISSION?? I don't need your permission to order a set of heads with my own damn money! I'm also extremely pissed because he saw it as necessary to open MY package. I had to make an excuse that they were for my fabrication lab to learn the machines and skills there(which they kinda are in some ways); he seemed to half-believe it. And then he goes off about how he thinks I'm fooling around and not actually studying and focusing on school this semester, even when I'm studying at least 3 times more than I've ever done in my life and last semester. And then he says we'll have a talk about it later, fuck that.


So here I was about to use my free time on a secret project I was gonna surprise him with in the future, but NOPE, not even gonna try to do a nice thing for him again. So as soon as I pick up the heads, I'm gonna put them up for sale and use the money for myself. Why do I even bother anymore..


GT40P heads arrived, dad discovered them, bitches me out on the phone, pisses me off, thinking about selling his "future gift"(probably will because fuckit)

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