My wife’s patience with four vehicles is wearing thin. I like to tinker on cars and trucks. I’m contemplating turning 3 vehicles into 1. That means the Honda (which was bought to be sold), the Taco, and...the Cougar would leave the household. I’d replace the three with something road worthy but fun to tinker on. I’d have around $15k for a budget, but prefer to stay under $10k.

The requirements, truck or SUV (potentially a wagon), 90's and up (maybe something in the 80's, but doubtful, as safety is a priority). I’ve been mainly searching in the Toyota family. Land Cruiser, Tundras to be precise. I’m leaning towards a Tundra because it’s nice to have a bed, even if I don’t “need” if often. Anything else Oppos can think of that fit the bill? I’ve thought of an LR3, too, but don’t think it had a ton of cargo space. GX470? But what’s to tinker with.

This also doesn’t close the door in the future for something a little more fun. My wife wants a 1st gen Audi TT, and they’re cheap enough. Not necessarily my first choice.