I want to turbo & dedicate my Miata to be a track car. In turn, I want to buy a small daily driver (under 10 mile commute) that can go in the snow occasionally and is still be fun. Obviously, cargo isn’t a problem. It’ll be just me in the car 99% of the time.

I’ve fallen in love with the Fiat 500 Abarth- that sound it makes! I know they have issues but I would buy the warranty from CarMax. There are some reasonable prices out there for used ones, and with the CarmMax guarantee I think I’m protected- so they say. Anyone else know how I can get a nice little turbo car with a full warranty for like 12,000? IS there any kind of CPO program similar to CarMax in which I do not need to worry about paying for repairs?

The other option is a beater, but I simply do not want to worry about paying for repairs. Is the Carmax warranty really that good BTW? 

I’m afraid of a lease and I’m rather get a loan for a slightly newer, more expensive car- I’ve got decent money to put down and a great credit score, so payments and interest would be relatively low.


I’m open to suggestions about a different car, but I don’t want a Fiesta ST or a GTI. FWD or AWD so I can can’t get into too much trouble... I mean with THE LAW, winter tires on my Miata were great and donuts in parking lots in the snow are too much fun.