I'm tired

I have 4 side projects going. There is one that I am worried is going to be a shitshow. I think the guys are first time home owners. They have a relatively small budget for big ideas and that makes me nervous.they are trying to do some of the work themselves, but to them, painting a room is new and difficult work. Dont get me wrong, I’m not put thing them down for this, everyone has their own abilities. Trying to explain (through email) the differences between raising a ceiling up a couple feet and then going all the way up to the ridge though email is not easy. Each option has its challenged and affects the budget and structure in a different way. They also want this done ASAP and I dont think they have any idea what they are getting into.

I worked all week on two other projects. I also helped my brother-in-law with his brakes. The disc braes also worked as the parking brake, which means the piston twists as it goes back into the caliper. This was difficult even with the tool he bought. W ended up taking th caliper off and putting it in a vice in my basement in order to get the pressure needed to twist and push it back in.

O and I have pneumonia.


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