This is what you do at the bar after you quit drinking. Mrs IM is working a fundraiser, and she gave me a reprieve (I was supposed to be the money counter at the beer booth at the Fresno State football game) because I had a busy day and a shitty week. So I went to a nice place for dinner and sat at the bar. I’m trying to decide whether I should have dessert.


I worked this morning, speaking at a conference for farm labor contractors. I was on the radio Friday morning to promote the conference. The host really liked me, and was interested in my Bosnia experience, so he had me stay and tape a segment for his evening show. He said he wants me to come in again, and maybe even guest host sometimes. It sounds like fun. Have one of my favorites from one of the absolute best albums from the 80s that is generally unknown.  Rumor is that it was the lowest selling major label album ever, which is just tragic.  They got dropped by the label after the next one, which they followed with a massive commercial hit (Grave Dancers Union) after almost quitting music altogether.

I have to miss Radwood in Orange County because I can’t get back from Reno (where I will be speaking and doing a legal clinic at the dairy and livestock winter convention) in time to get down there for the show. The people who organize Radwood are very cool, though, and gave me a refund. Since I don’t drink or gamble, and will be stuck in Reno for 3 days, I am splurging on a rental muscle car. It will be a Mustang or Camaro or a Charger, and I won’t know until I pick it up. I figure I might as well explore, but it won’t be nearly as fun without my travel partner Toby.

Sorry for rambling, but I am just grumpy and killing time.

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