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I'm tired of auto discrimination

3 pedals
8 cylinders
4 doors

Isn't that something we always praise here on Oppositelock? The Porsche Cayenne is a special car, but it's good characteristics are overshadowed by the fact that most of them can be found in mall parking lots. It's one of the last German SUV's offered with a manual transmission. The Porsche Cayenne GTS is a beautiful thing, with it's leather and Alcantra interior, big brakes, and big grippy tires all in a rather understated package.


If I was in the market for a performance vehicle that I would be DD'ing and it would be my only car, I'd buy one. Many wouldn't, most people see this as a daily driver for a housewife in suburban Northern Virginia. People see that it's an SUV and go who would ever have fun in one of those?!

Just because it's an SUV doesn't mean it's ostentatious, heavy, and boring to drive. Let's all be open minded.

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