I'm tired of the fake concern over midsize sedans dying

Nobody cared about midsize sedans until it became apparent they were going away. And why would we? The majority of them are just not driver’s cars. That duty is much better served by the compact class. To wit, off the top of my head, here are the performance offerings in that space:

  • Focus RS/ST
  • Civic Si/R
  • Elantra Sport
  • Forte5 SX
  • Sentra SR (I know)
  • Soul !

Would any of those cars benefit from the several hundred pounds and dozen or so inches of length required to move them up to the midsize class? I don’t think so.


Not to mention dynamically there’s very little between mainstream midsizers and crossovers. Here are some snips from two C&D comparison tests... one from some midsize sedans and one from some midsize crossovers. Which is which?

The fact of the matter is midsize sedans have become too big, and frankly crossovers have become too good. For $30K, the midsize sedan makes no sense. That will put you in a fully loaded compact performance car if you want driving fun, or a decently equipped crossover if you need practicality. Plus barring the Mazda6 with the 2.5T, the Accord and the expensive Camry V6 none of the midsize mainstreamers are worth a damn anyway. This is like when folks were crying about stickshift going away in mainstreamers. Who was pining for a third pedal in a Camry? It just seems like people need something... ANYTHING... to be mad about.

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