I'm too responsible

My younger brother just traded in his 2016 WRX on a low mile 2015 4Runner TRD Pro. He’s the type of guy who things just work out for him. He got a great deal on the trade as well as the 4Runner as those things don’t come up for trade with low miles very often. He also has a “YOLO” attitude and doesn’t sweat the details.

I am much more conservative, especially when it comes to money. I’ve been wanting to take a page out of his book and trade my practical, reliable, and paid-off 11-year old A4 in for a Mustang GT for some time now. Then, the most perfect example shows up for a reasonable price...



Perfect color, low miles, performance package, and within driving distance from Chicago. If there ever a time to be a little irresponsible THIS IS IT! Alas, I cannot force myself to live a little and just do it. I can come up with 100 reasons why this doesn’t make sense and only one reason why it does, because I want it.


I know I’m gonna be one of those guys who’s 75 and buys his first Mustang only to keep it in his garage and wax it once a week.

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