I'm torn Oppo!

I've finally found a charcoal RX8 R3 09 with 100k for only 11k!!!!!! And this sucks for me!!!

My heart really REALLY wants the RX8 R3 but my brain says that it will cost me more in the long run gas wise, insurance wise and maintenance wise. + It will still depreciate badly and it will turn my NA into a winter beater.


My brain wants a CR-Z for the fuel efficiency, the fact that it's a manual hybrid, the fact that insurance will cost even less because it's an hybrid, it comes with winter tires and it's a Honda, it will cost almost nothing maintenance wise and it will keep it's value...somewhat (hybrids are the exceptions). It's better equiped than the RX8 too. But my heart doesn't get the same awesome feeling that the RX8 gives me and the goddamn grey panels and seats ruins it for me.

I'm gonna see the RX8 today. I just hope that I don't like it like I liked the one I tried earlier on. So the battle is between the charcoal RX8 and a pearl white CRZ for 11k.

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