I'm transparent with you, Oppo.

My latest radio interview. These folks were not friendly, but I will tell the truth to anyone who asks. They distilled a 45 minute interview to a single quote - but not a bad one. I explained to the reporter that the accusations against me are more than a decade old now, so it really has no relationship to present events, but she didn’t seem to grasp that idea. I have not had any of these issues for a decade.


The truth is that it is a violation of federal law for CRLA (a Legal Aid entity) to use US taxpayer money to represent undocumented immigrants suing US farmers. Those resources are tagged for low-income folks living here legally.

I verified their clients’ lack of status with an ICE auditor (in order to avoid false allegations) and reported the CRLA to the federal agency that oversees their funding. Every time I did it, the lawyers got kicked off the case. Only once was a worker actually affected by it, the Luis Echeverria that they reference in the interview. He lies in this interview because he has a visa now and is not in peril.


This Luis Echeverria was Luis Masedo then - he broke into dairyman Joe Sallaberry’s home with a gun during the lawsuit. After I verified his status to report the lawyers, ICE contacted me. They told me he had a conviction for assault weapons and they wanted him removed from the USA. Note that the reporter calls this an old gun conviction - admitting that I am telling the truth. Hey - I guess people who are pro gun control aren’t worried about guys with illegal weapons history. Sometimes politics is really confusing.

As I explained in the quote, I cooperated with ICE as I would with any law enforcement agency, and Echeverria/Masedo was arrested and accepted voluntary removal. Oh, yeah, CRLA got thrown off the case, but there were no real consequences for them. The story doesn’t say that he was not required to be at the deposition where he was arrested (he was not the witness), and I told his lawyer not to bring him. If I really wanted him deported, why would I tell them not to bring him? I was concerned with disqualifying his attorneys - an old legal strategy. Funny how they never publish the other emails.


He returned almost immediately - illegally as he admits in the interview. CRLA got him a visa - presumably through its connections in the Obama administration. The real question is why a thug with a conviction for illegal weapons who was targeted for deportation ended up with a visa ahead of hard-working, honest folks who have followed the rules. But that doesn’t make as good of a story as bash the dairyman and his lawyer. But it amazes me that they could just dial up visas for the ones they wanted to help. Corruption is real. Hate me if you want to, but the story is more complicated than Google search results.

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