What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Are we that bad at communicating who we are? God... a jump though.

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What the fuck AutomotiveNews?

Who in this earth dared compare Bernie Sanders with Andres Manuel?

Andres Manuel is a crazed idiot that never in his fucking political carrier which was short (and let me mark my words) governed for the poor or the middle class! He was a stump for the rich and right now he’s Trump-ing his way around Mexico promising impossible shit to people that is not, A-fucking-gain, socialist!

Why he was the man that made a mess of Mexico City’s Zoning code and the reason why Santa Fe is a fucking mess and gentrification is kicking families out of their homes, why trafic and pollution is so bad. I hate this asshole and I can’t believe they compare him to Bernie.

You know why you can’t compare him to Bernie? Because of the Ring Road in Mexico City, a for profit, privately owned road way with hundreds of tolls which he defended as a social piece of infrastructure in 2012's presidential debate.

He’s a fucking disgrace!

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