I remember when I was a teen (1990’s), and my dad would say new cars are too complicated, had too much to go wrong, and were too much trouble to work on. I used to think he was just old fashioned, and not “with the times”. Older cars did nothing for me. I only cared about the latest and greatest.

After driving several new cars recently, I find myself not really liking any of them that much. I got to drive every ///M BMW currently makes, a new Cayenne GTS, and a few more less exciting vehicles. They are all missing something though. Sure some of them look great asthetically, but the driving experience is just not all there. They’re too big, they don’t communicate enough, they don’t sound good. Sure they have turbos, and they get to 60mph faster than supercars did a decade earlier, but they lack feel. Drive by wire is probably my biggest complaint. Almost all have a delay when you first press the throttle from a stop before anything happens.. I can’t feel the suspension load up. Out of all of them I liked the M235i the most, even though it has one of the worst interiors in the group. I miss my E46. I want to hear that NA engine climb the revs, know everything the suspension is doing, and feel that nimbleness again. I think I’d be perfectly happy with an E46 M3 or a 964 to drive for decades.