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I had such a weird fucking day yesterday.

First, at one AM a friend convinced me that I should contact a literary agent so that they publish my book, so I found myself typing the query letter all night.

The morning came and I was shouted at by my father for no good reason, I ignored him. Instead I took the F800 for a ride to clear my mind. I made my way to a coffee shop to read the news and try to write another La Basura Mañanera. on my way back I started feeling unbalanced and for a moment and light headed, in a very large turn for a moment I felt that I had fallen of the bike I couldn’t feel my balance.

I stopped for a moment because the handling felt weird but the tires were OK and the suspension was in the normal mode, so I continued back home. when I arrived home I was asked to go to a meeting, but I had already returned the F800 so I went on my bicycle.


It was in the meeting where I met a guy that was part of a new radio station (the first new FM transmission to be leased in decades within Mexico City) and he wanted me to participate weekly on it after the five hour meeting. He wants me to send a script pronto.

I then return home riding my bicycle (at night) still feeling weird as I listened to Interpol with my headphones.

and my head hurts a bunch now.

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