Well good evening Opponauts. I'm back again to not really rant but just talk about what's been going on and maybe get a little advice out of you. As always, thanks in advance and if you aren't interested keep on scrolling.

Well I'm here tonight because of school. More specifically my future. I'm currently 16, a junior in high school. And I hate it. I'm not a bad student; I have about a 3.7 GPA and I'm in honors, AP, and DE Classes. I just hate the people. These kids annoy me here. I hate the groups, the cliques, the need to show off and go out partying every weekend to be popular. That just isn't me. While they are out getting wasted, I'm working at a grocery store not because I want to but because I need to help my family.


My dad was unemployed for a little over two months while they were remodeling the bar he managed. We went onto unemployment and barely scraped by on mom's meager salary and the little bit I could give back. It took a toll on everyone honestly. Now the bar opened back up two weeks ago, but it isn't doing the business anyone expected. Dad is also miserable at his job and has no passion and finds it a waste of his college degree. Mom has no real attachment to her job as a substance abuse counselor. I just bag groceries so I really don't care either way.

We also are tired of living in Florida. Between the old people, the rude snowbirds, the awful weather, and the lack of opportunities, we all want to move. The talk is about letting us (myself and younger sister) finish out this school year before we do get up and go. But here's why I'm here tonight.

I'm unsure of my future. Junior year is when I need to start applying to colleges and planning my future. I haven't even taken my ACT or SAT test and haven't even started looking into colleges yet. Personally, I'm not looking forward to college that much either. After seeing how far dad's degree got him (he has a masters in economics from Rutgers) and mom still paying off her student loan (at 46), I don't really see the point in going to a really good school and going in debt. Also, so many people with great degrees aren't doing much more than bagging groceries or flipping burgers… so I want to stay cheap and local.

Here's the issue. If I stay here, my plan is to do the 2 year at the local community college down the road, and then 2 years at University of South Florida for business. Also, next year I plan on spending as much time as possible at the community college doing dual enrollment. But if I move… then I can't do this anymore.


And also, moving is bittersweet. On one hand I want to move very badly. I want a fresh start and a chance to meet all new people and get a new job. My family also does. We would go to NC, which is nice since I can keep my job at Publix or NH which is brand new to everyone and be a total restart. However I am also scared of starting over senior year. It's supposed to be a fun easy year. And if I have to restart, I need all new friends and to learn all of the traditions. I'd also leave my four close friends behind which would suck. They say they'd still talk to me but I know it won't be the truth.

I just really wanted to get this out here and maybe hear some opinions about anything. Thanks guys!

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