So we have time warner cable, and up until about a month ago, our internet was fairly reliable, we would have the occasional 5 minute thing where the internet wouldn't work, but no big deal overall, but in the past month our internet has been freakin unreliable, and I doubt it is time Warner's fault, yes you get overcharged, and there customer service is fairly lousy, but their internet is decent. it's obnoxiously slow, but it was reliable. I have a feeling that our modem is on its last legs, it has been so unreliable that I have had to use my mobile hotspot so I could have decent internet, but I've used it enough that we have burned through over 90% of our data for the month but the data count doesn't reset until the 20th of this month. I keep trying to tell my mom it's the modem, (btw, the modem is a motorola surfboard sb4100, which I couldn't find an exact date for manufacturing or when it was new, but in the manual, it mentions windows me, 95 and windows 98, which makes sense because the house that we live in now was built on 1999 mad my mom is the orginal owner, and as far as I know, she has only ever had 1 modem). But I keep trying to explain that data overages for Verizon are going to be probably more expensive than just buying a new modem, and the solution of that is far worse, because the internet on her Mac has been super unreliable lately as well, but she doesn't get the fact that something for internet that is 15 years old, almost as old as me, is like an ancient dinosaur.

The router has also been unreliable, and for some reason, she never let me change the SSID, so after having wifi for 5 years, our SSID is still the same as what it was when we got the wireless router.

TL:DR, our cable modem is 15 years old, hardly works, and my mom doesn't feel the need to buy a new one event the the internet has been super unreliable lately