I'm watching, 'Most Shocking: Under Siege'. (U.S.)

One low speed police chase has over a dozen police units following, they ‘sting’ the vehicle and it keeps going, eventually the vehicle comes to a stop and the driver gets out, but goes to return to the vehicle as his fiance climbs out the tailgate and runs for cover, it eventually comes to a conclusion.

Another is 2003, in Miami, a USPS postal worker is taken hostage in her mail truck, the tyres are stung and the vehicle comes to a halt in the middle of an intersection. The helicopter pans out and there is, no kidding, no less than 30 police units (plus several armoured SWAT vehicles) stretching at least a few hundred metres down the road.

This is the best



Question is, what does the 25 other police units think they can do that the first five can’t or isn’t doing? Or what do they think they can do that several very large armoured SWAT trucks that are immediately next to the postal truck aren’t doing?

Is it just a case of the police call in a chase and everyone shouts, ‘wahoooo, we’ve got ourselves a convey’.

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