Ok oppo,

Scenario time! Let's say you have $3500, and a wrecked late 90's/early 2000's HD/2500 truck (Gas OR diesel). I'd say I've got a mid 90's 2500 Dodge Ram diesel. Here's my local CL offerings:

69 Chevy C30 - $3000


All this says is "As is"

it's perfect.

"Jeep Truck" - $800

"Runs, drives, needs work"

61 Jeep FC170 4WD - $2250


"226 Hurricane, runs and drives fine, needs restored"

I think I want this either way, would be an AWESOME way to drive the new bike around.


'55 Ford F600 $1100


"Farm truck or Rat rod, needs restored. Has big block running motor, 4 speed trans with 2 speed rear Long wheel base"

84 Suburban 4x4 dually 1 ton - $2250


"350 motor with 700r4 trans. Dana 60 rears"

I wanted to rack up points on my rewards gas card anyway...

My top 3 are the Jeep FC170, 69 C30 Tow truck, and 84 'burb. In that order.

So lets say Jeep FC, mount the 6BT behind the cab, ground it to the ground, air suspension if possible with the budget, clearance the bed and cab to fit decent tires, and keep the rims it has on it. Then get it legal and leave it alone.


What about you guys?

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