Damn if that isn’t proof I’ve failed at life so far. But anyway I once posted something about pretty soon feeling like maybe I can finally get in a project. I’m also feeling very impatient even for “soon” and I feel like screw it, I want to look for a project now. My...’rents keep telling me it’s a waste of money and space for the time being because we’re moving soon and future employment opportunity might end up taking me out of state anyway so why spend money on something I either have to lug with me or Craigslist off, but I feel like that excuse is just going to end up being a “forever no” if I let it. So fine, I’ll do the last option I was exploring in that thing, like a motorcycle. Specifically, either a Honda Super Cub or a very cheap, disposable scooter.

The only problem is...Discovery Channel seems to really really love these 10 Best lists of best motorbikes (seriously they can give Sploid a run for their money) and they really really love putting the Super Cub in the #3 slot just because it’s the most “mass-produced motorized vehicle ever,” and they really really love putting biker guys like their typical Velocity Channel doofi on complaining that it’s not a real motorcycle, but for all that lovefest over how it’s the most common motorvehicle on the planet there seems to be an extreme lack of Super Cubs...uh, anywhere in the U.S. WTF gives? But anyway I’m open to suggestions. I’m looking for a budget of...literally as low as you can go, and since the whole point of it is a project I don’t care what state it’s in, in fact I’ll yell at you if it’s in too good condition.