I'm working as fire crew for the IMSA race at Laguna Seca this weekend

Unfamiliar with IMSA?

(IMSA posts all their stuff on YouTube but it’s 3+ hours long. I just found that short clip of dubious quality but you get the point.)


Lotsa very fast and eye wateringly expensive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Corvettes and the like, along with prototypes! I’ll be in the hot pits where cars come tearing in to refuel and whatnot and I’ll be doing my best to not get run over and to keep a fire extinguisher trained on whoever happens to be doing the most dangerous thing at any given moment. So I gather anyway. All I know is that there was an email out to the local SCCA folks asking for a volunteer and they expect me at 6:30am with my racing gear (so I’ll be fireproof head to toe) and then I get put to work.

I know there’s a lot of nice places to watch pretty cars go by at Laguna Seca but I suspect being adjacent to the track with the monsters rolling through might be worth sweating to death for a few hours. Set low expectations but if I can manage to find my GoPro, find a card for it, get it charged, and remember to bring it I can clip it to my helmet. Might get some sweet footage. I’ll post it here if I do.

If the footage happens to be me on fire, I’ll own it and post it. Lol.

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