This has been a long and difficult year with significant personal and professional challenges. Things are ending on a pretty good note, but there is a lot of chaos in the segment of agriculture that I advocate for and my days are dealing with panicked people who I can’t help. It is the first time in my career people have asked me, “What should I do?” and all I have to offer is “I don’t know.” I pride myself on having answers and solving problems and I can’t solve this.

I’m tired.

I have budgeted to taking most of the next 2 weeks after this one off, and I really need it. The Sunchaser is my solace, especially when I can park next to a package of mirth like a Fiat.


Ok, I concede. I shoehorned the cars in to be relevant.

I’m frayed to my last nerve these days and need a break. On better note, my oldest tore it up at his jazz concert.

Yes, that is a real Fender. Redheads rule, FTW. #teamginger.

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