Imagine a Singer-fied Porsche 917/30.

Look at these photos for a good one minute, and after that, close your eyes.


Now imagine that Porsche 917/30 as built with a carbon monocoque and all-carbon body.

Imagine the suspension become rebuilt to LMP1 specifications.

Imagine the engine as two 3-liter engines sourced from the 991.2, but twin-turbocharged and coupled with an 8MJ Le Mans-grade KERS system to make 1650hp, mated to the 919's transmission.


Imagine the tires, but now made with Michelin LMP1-grade compounds.

Imagine the once-static rear wing is now active, with DRS and air braking, and aerodynamic revisions including an exhaust-blown diffuser.


Imagine the car having modern headlamps straight-up pulled from the 2015 919, and laser taillight technology.

Imagine the brakes as Brembos almost as big as the wheels.

Now, open your eyes.


No, it’s not that car, but you get the point.

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