I’m gonna shitpost one more time tonight.

Sitrep on Operation Kitcheni Freedom:

All week there were reports of noisey rustly activity coming from the kitchen. From the approximate area behind the fridge. At first these reports were dismissed at neighborly activity by friendly units in the nearby area until 07Sep2017 approx 0725 Lima time when a sighting of a small black mouse in the bathroom, witch then scurried all the way to the kitchen diving behind the fridge. Further reconnoiter provided intel that a significant portion of a loaf of bread was missing. Investigations concluded that the enemy wasn’t able to access any food in the cabinets, only the loaf of bread left on the counter.


0927 L 07SEP2017:

Went to the armory (Walmart) and acquisitioned multiple area denial weapons. Including non-toxic glue traps and old skool mouse traps. They were placed around the CFZ.

As of 0027 L there have been 3 confirmed kills. All targets were restrained by the traps and summarily executed with a 19mm crescent wrench. Later today specialized CBRN and Engineering units will provide support in the continuation of OKF.

Also. I’m just doing my part to fight dictatorships. Because mice and rodents -> diseases.