That Cressida manual swap looks like a pipe dream. Afte perusing Cressida forums, it appears that most of the bits and bobs like the clutch pedal can be sourced from the very healthy Supra restoratio  community, but I am somewhat intimidated after delving into the subject.

Apparently, this type of swap has been done, but usually with a Supra transmission, which requires the grafting of the Supra drive train. The transmission I found is actually from a Cressida, which should eliminate the problem. But as I learn more about these swaps, I worry that cost may become prohibitive.

But man, with the 5MGE as a base, I wanted to build my wife a sleeper with all the Supra experts (Turbo!). She is a kindergarten Special Ed teacher, and is as nice as that makes her sound.

I wanted her to be able to haul around in her Cressida, giggling her head off at driving the coolest car in the teacher parking lot. We will see where this ends up.