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Immediate Help Needed:

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Photo: Me dammit

Sorry the pic is kinda crap, but I have reason to believe I overfilled...

I added just over 1L of oil cause it looked really low, having decided that was the proper amount because I bought a 5L bottle and only need 4L for an oil change. Therefore: 1L would fill it up 1 quarter of the way.


But now the dipstick reads that it’s over the maximum mark... that’s no good.

Am I a big idiot? Is it safe to start my car? I don’t need sleep, I need answers.


Update: I’ve started the car and nothing exploded. Shut it off after 30 seconds to let the oil drain into the system. Will check the stick again momentarily.


Illustration for article titled Immediate Help Needed:
Photo: Me

After running the engine for 30 seconds I checked the stick (wiped it off too). We’re pushing it, but I think we’re ok.

Update: running the engine a while before setting off. Nothing unusual to report. Looks like we’re ok.


A theory: it’s goddamn hot outside, and my engine has been warm even when it was shut off. Everyone on TSX forum said to check it cool, which is impossible cause Florida.

Final Update: looks like we’re ok. After running the car for 5 minutes, then waiting 3 minutes for the engine to cool off, the dipstick reads maybe a mm over the top dot.


Having checked the dip a million times, my shirt is covered in stains and my hands smell like oil. I certainly look like a mechanic, but I don’t feel like one.

Now it’s time to get rid of all the oil I just added. 200 miles.

Thanks so much for coming to the rescue. Seriously, y’all just saved my ass. Very glad I’m apart of a community like this! Here’s to many more mechanical mishaps in the coming years :D

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