Immersing In Mexican Countryside Is Always a Treat

Woke up early in the morning to head down south to the state of Veracruz. Passed the huge bridge that crossed the river connecting to the ocean. As I headed down south in a two lane road filled with trucks, potholes and slow moving traffic I watched a glimpse of a park I used to go when I was little. I turned into a small town called Tampico Alto and went in the search of this amazing place called "Solito" park.

The road is in the middle of a dense forest filled with houses for sale and ranches all around. If it was not for the drug dealers around here this place would have flourished. As I headed east, I started to see glimpses of a gorgeous lagoon and a big sign stating that southward was the way to go.


All the memories came back as I got to the park that was in the same shape as I had last seen it. It sill had Zebras and other wild animals, it still had ludicrous water slides and I sill felt excited about it all. Took some photos and kept on heading south for a couple hours. One of the nicest Sunday morning in a long time.


Come to Mexico, you seriously won't be disappointed.

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