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Imminent Z35 (UPDATE: Boost Gauge)

Illustration for article titled Imminent Z35 (UPDATE: Boost Gauge)
Image: Nissan

Z-Proto to be unveiled at 8:30 P.M EST. Where does it need to be in terms of price and capability? The void left amongst uber-pony cars, light-weights, and the Toyota Z4 is surprisingly vast, but it would take some adeptness to navigate in concert with cost considerations. I’d say Nissan needs to do put out something nimbler and (I daresay) no beefier than the 370Z, with considerably more precision and power, all without quite eclipsing GTPP/Camaro SS money. If the price goes up substantially, it needs likewise to feel nice enough appeal to an older crowd and capitalize on the nostalgia factor. But, hey- as long as it gets released before the IDx.

Illustration for article titled Imminent Z35 (UPDATE: Boost Gauge)
Photo: Nissan

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