After Imperator Slowiosa III’s maiden voyage I snapped the key off in the ignition, rendering it dead. Finally, it’s back and better than ever!

Using a cheap eBay ignition with a little customization (swapping over the connector), I was able to revive the cute little thing.


I then decided to run carb cleaner through the carb and take it for another top speed run. I gave it a full on send. This thing goes 65 mph with the stock CDI! :D Just...holy crap are the original Honda engines much faster than the equivalent GY6 clones.


It definitely has a bit of a death wobble at high speed, but the new front wheel/brake/mounted tyre/bearing combo coming in on Monday ought to fix that. I also can’t reliably lock the bars, which may indicate the stem may be damaged or my cheap ignition is too shite. But that’s okay, I just won’t lock the bars! The new wheel also has an offroad tire mounted to it. Since these are easily disassembled two piece wheels, that tyre will go in back and the more street rubber will go up front.


Now I just gotta add external fuel, a racing CDI, some sort of beer implement, floodlights, and speakers for tunes to troll the trails with! Born to Be Mild!!! For the time being it’s my work commuter. I want to make sure it’s nice and broken in for next week.

If I have enough time, I’ll also try to figure out the headlight motor. ;)

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