With two weeks until the Gambler 500, I better get started on this thing!

Thankfully it doesn’t need much to roll, by my count, here’s the minimum it needs to ride for the Gambler:

- Ignition switch. It must have been years since the last time the fork lock was used, so once I locked the scoot that was it, there was no getting it unlocked. I basically bathed it in lubricants and even rust dissolving stuff. No luck. In fact, the key snapped in half while I was trying to get it to move.

- New front tire. I discovered the front is a bit dry rotted. Interestingly enough, it’s cheaper to buy a used wheel with a tire already mounted than it is to buy a tire and have it mounted. Win win so far as I care! I’d do it myself, but the last time I tried mounting a tire myself I ended up driving a car for the Gambler. So, nope! Thankfully the rear tire is brand new.

- New CDI. Because I don’t really expect this thing to survive, I’m going to put in a “racing” CDI that unlocks the rev limiter. Should add a few mph onto the top end.

- Carb clean. It runs and rides, but it idles like crap and the top end could be better. The scoot allegedly sat all winter without being drained or winterized, so that’s where I’m going to look first!


Last night I tackled the ignition switch. The front panel opens up like the bonnet on a car.


Amusingly, it’s even sort of setup like a car up front. you have the headlight motor and adjustment, coolant, and even fuses.

Next, remove the two screws holding in the ignition, unplug it, then yank it out of there.


This is the end result of all my trying to fix this thing. I even tried to drill out the insides in the hope that maybe I could get it to work with a screwdriver.


With those failures in mind, I gave up and bought a new ignition and lock set...$16 and will be here on Monday.

Once I get the big things out of the way, I can set up my offroading fun stuff:

- Extra fuel (I have a 5 gal jerry can sitting on my deck?).
- Offroad lights.
- Bluetooth speaker.
- Basic tools (screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers that can strip/cut wires, and some metric sockets).
- Fix-a-flat.
- Tent.
- Backpack of Alcohol (for the offroad parks we’ll be camping at that allow it).
- Duct tape.
- Zip ties.
- Starting fluid.
- Spare drive belt (maybe).


As for the tow vehicle, I need to title the trailer and do the front brakes. I’m already loosening up the bolt that holds on the rotors (removing said bolt takes the bulk of the time doing brakes) so it’ll be a nice and quick job.

I’m so going to send this thing in a couple weeks!