Got a battery, got some petrol, let’s see if she fires up!

Aaaaaaand nope.

Electrically, things appear to be in good shape. Lights work, horn works, indicators work. Fuel gauge is kinda iffy, but it also appears to work. Even the brake light does its job.


The one thing that doesn’t work? Glad you asked! The starter. Hit the start button and something clicks once, but nothing happens.

The kickstarter goes through a full rotation and it takes a lot of legwork to get through it... though I’m not sure if that means the engine isn’t frozen?

Speaking of the engine, the oil has definitely separated. The engine is full of some stuff with the viscosity of oil and smells like oil, but it certainly doesn’t look the part.

I also peeled the protective plastic off the VIN plate. Mmmmmm...

I also found this...


Vacuum and Fuel disconnected...well that’s a problem. I also see a red electrical lead that doesn’t connect to anything. K

What the heck is this thing?


The saga continues!!! Now, next I need to get a service manual or something for this thing.

Edit: I just figured out that the pretty big gap there is where the carb goes. Oh...well that explains the guy saying that I need a carb.

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