She’s getting there! The bolts holding on the rear shell are stuck, so I’ll get them next time.

I was able to keep the floorboards bolted in. This is great as I now have a place to mount the many spotlights this thing will have for the Gambler.

It appears my new carb is working, however the engine doesn’t start. Thankfully it does turn over, so it can be saved. Shop-teacher was right that the extra cable was the starter cable, so the electric start works perfectly!!


Yes, I destroyed the grille. This fan thing looks too cool to be hidden!


The front light is also shot, so I’m going to replace it with a LED light bar.

Next steps will be:

- Check the spark plug.

- Put MMO in the spark plug hole???

- Change the engine oil.

- Find a way to drain the petrol tank.

- Make sure I didn’t put the carb in incorrectly????

I wrecked my storage unit tearing the scooter apart.