She’s for sale!

An ex sent me a text that she found a 150cc scooter going for a suspiciously low price. I had her investigate further. It runs, it drives, and plot twist: It’s actually a 250cc.


(Yes, I do have a couple exes looking for local and CL junkers. lol) 

(Not the scooter, but same make/model)

The front fairing is a little beat up and it doesn’t have a title, but it’ll be PERFECT for the Gambler. If I get this thing on Friday, I’ll be changing my Gambler idea from “naked scooter” to “battle scooter”. It’s powered by a water cooled 250cc single and already has knobby tyres. It’s basically half my Blast! :D

Keeping with the mild “Imperator Furiosa” theme, the new scooter would be called Imperator Calmiosa.


If I get this one, I’m going to mount two rectangle LED spotlights and two round LED spotlights to the front, then deck it out in RGB LEDs, a tiny glasspack, and maybe some offroady bits, if I can.

Sadly, this means the Fury Mild Road ends for Slowiosa.


As much as I would have loved to revive the Bashan for a heck of a story, I’m selling/parting the scooter project. I was afraid that I didn’t have the time to get this thing running in time and I’m probably not that wrong. I have less free time than I thought!

The engine fires on starting fluid but once it runs out of starting fluid it dies. I installed a new carb (they cost $20 on Amazon, new) and an AGM battery but it still doesn’t start. It had 1/8 tank of ten year old petrol in it and I assume that’s why it won’t run (that or maybe the fuel pump is shot). I figured if 7/8s was new petrol that it would just cancel out or something lol. At any rate, once the fueling issue is resolved (which could literally be draining the tank) it should run like a champ.


I know there’s probably not much work to be done, but at this point I’d rather sell it/part it out and get a scooter that’s already running than continue troubleshooting this one. So, for $200 and some other weirdo can finish what I started. :)


Stay tuned, this journey is far from over!

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