I have a family member who manages a apartment complex. There are some disgruntled former tenants and I think they've come back to pay revenge. Early this morning, some guys came in the laundry room and tried to break in all 5 of the washing/dryers. They tore apart the tumblers and locks. Thank you to GE and all the manufacturers that make all of this stuff, commercial washing machines are pretty damn tough.
Things have to deterred. I don't want to find a way to tear apart the mechanism/change box just to change out the box and then the next night, it's all ruined again.
What should we do? I'm thinking security cameras (including some hidden ones). But what else? There has been some suspicious nontenant people hanging around the parking lot recently. A police report is getting filed. So oppo, what suggestions do you have?
(Here's a land rover getting crushed. It reflects the feelings on this post.)