Imported from Japan: The Plan for the Crown

In Bird's last post he promised more information about our 1970 MS51 Toyota Crown. The engine is seized and we've spent a lot of time talking about what to do. Rebuilding the 2M engine would be very difficult and expensive, and could take months. So we've decided to do what many a Japanese car enthusiast would recommend. 2JZ swap!!!


The next thing I know I'm ordering an engine over the phone. I ordered it on a Monday and it arrived on Friday. I can't believe it takes less than 5 days to ship something so heavy across the country! We had it shipped hold-for-pick-up at the shipping depot, and loaded it into the Bronco.

Anyone that's seen our garage knows that doing an engine swap there would be extremely difficult. The Bronco doesn't fit, so even getting the engine down there would be a production. We decided we need a shop and found one about 20 minutes from our house.


Last night we started moving into the shop. The first order of business was to get the 2JZ out of the Bronco. We picked up an engine hoist at Harbor Freight, packed up some tools to put it together and headed over to the shop.


If it can hold a swinging Bird, surely it will hold an engine, right?

Once we had the hoist assembled we unloaded the transmission and then the engine. It was actually really easy. One of the few things in this process that has gone to plan so far.


The next step is to move Bird's tools and get the Crown towed to the shop. I promise we'll post more pictures of the Crown when we can get it in some better light. It has a lot of really great details that I'm excited to show you guys.


An update on the MZ20 Soarer Aerocabin – The turbo is back from being rebuilt at Driftmotion, the injectors have been cleaned and flow-tested (and were in really great shape), and the radiator has been flushed. Bird installed a new timing belt and water pump and is almost finished putting everything back together. It should be running again in a few days. I can't wait to take it for a test drive! It drove really great before, so I expect it will be awesome with all the work Bird's done. The seats were re-dyed last week. They looked more like they came out of a 10 year old car rather than a 25 year old car before, but now they look nearly new. This week we'll install new shocks and prep for a road trip – details to come on that.

We are Corinne (me, Ferrero1911) and Bird. We imported two cars from Japan and are working to set up our import business. We're writing about the experience on Oppositelock. To see all of the updates search the tag 'Imported from Japan'

For more photos check out Bird's website

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