I’ve bought something from Japan for the SPECIFIC purpose of helping a severely wounded friend out. It’s a Skyline, but not a GT-R. It’s a 1990 Skyline GTS-T Type M. It’s been awhile since I’ve dabbled in Skylines, so I forget exactly what the Type M is over the regular GTS-T.

I know a few different people from there, who got me in touch with the correct people to assist in the process, and using a couple old friends from my time there.

Currently, it’s aboard some ship, somewhere in the Pacific ocean, it’s supposed to land in Miami. I chose Miami, although Baltimore was closer, it added an additional expense I wasn’t willing to pay, considering about the time it clears, I’ll be going to Miami anyway. Win win for me.

It was built in 90/11. It literally became 25 years old once it was at the dock. It made the process a smidge harder, but the Japanese DMV and customs understood, it wouldn’t arrive until it was after 25 years old.

My friend lost both legs and an arm while deployed on a deployment, he took from me since I was getting medically retired. It’s always been his dream to import his old Skyline from Japan to have in the states.


Yes, after talking to his wife, he’s been through alot, and having a hard time adjusting to his prosthetic limbs. It took her, me and some old buddies to find his SPECIFIC skyline. Not another like it, HIS is all he wanted. She paid half, I did the other half. He isn’t aware of this yet, but when I show up with it on a truck to his place, I’m sure he’ll be happy. His wife got power of attorney to make it his.

Anyway, this is it. It was my old Skyline’s twin. I bought mine, He bought one in better shape than mine. And enjoyed it.


Heres an old pic of it, before we took it to the track. It’s a GT-R bumper, and IIRC an RB25 turbo on it.


Since the car’s registration had fallen off at some point, it added a new headache. I was told and had it done, that it needed current registration, taxes, road fees, and JCI done. Then once all that was done, it needed to be de-registered, and export fees paid. Whatever, it was 1k for all that.

Getting it to the port, and then put on a ship was easy, Thanks ALEXI and Yoshida-san. It should be delivered in Miami on the 15th.


I plan on only driving it for a little bit, to ensure it runs correctly and it’s up to par. Plus I can use it for a run around car while in Miami, since my Dodge hauler isn’t a car for going to the grocery store.

Plan is to take him his car. This should help him out and prevent suicide. Which according to his wife, he’s attempted and tried to do.


So far I’ve got 7500 in it, and his wife has 5k in it. 12.5k for a Skyline to the states. I had to buy it from the dealer it was at, that was 4200 bucks. Then get some basic parts and maintenance items done, fix its dented fender, the broken headlight. The JCI ended up finding it needed its rear diff leak fixed and a u joint repaired.

The money isn’t what I care about. If you had to pay 7500 bucks and could afford to, to help a friend from becoming a statistic, wouldn’t you?


This is what this is about. Nothing else. If this is something that will help him fight and help him remember the good times, then it’s the price to pay. I’ve known this guy since my 07 deployment to Iraq, eventually was stationed with him in Japan, and I’ve managed to keep in contact with him since I got out in 2011. I plan on getting his plates so once it’s at home, he shouldn’t need anything to get it ready.

Side note - Never realized how hard it was to find a car, especially since we had it’s serial number.That was the biggest headache. It was easy to find out who owned it on base, and when it was sold to an offbase person. Once it left the base that made life worse. I almost gave in and just bought ANOTHER Wine Red GTS-T until he posted an old video of us fucking off at Ebisu with it together. He captioned it with “ Id feel better if I could own my old car, not any car but my OLD one”


I only wish I could have found it in time for Christmas or a smidge earlier. But mid to late January is close enough. For a 25 year old, Skyline, with almost 160,000 kms on it. It’s in AMAZING shape. He fixed alot of it’s smaller issues while he owned it, looked like everyone who owned it since kept it clean. Someone installed some Bride buckets in place of his GT-R seats but I’m sure he’ll like those. If not, thats on him lol.

I just don’t know if I should wrap it up some, like a car shaped xmas present or just let him see it when I back in the driveway.


On top of all this, my house was broken into, and I’ve had to buy all new Christmas stuff for the little ones in my family.