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Impressed level 300

My car has been in the shop for over a week getting a nose job and I have had the pleasure of cruising around in a 300C while it is under the knife.

This is the result after a week of driving and a road trip over the weekend. It is likely a bit optimistic, but still impressive when cruising at 80 with a little city driving in a land yacht.


Apparently I never took a picture of the exterior and it has been raining the past few days, but it looks exactly like this with the small wheels. They may not be as attractive as some of the larger wheel options, but I would seek them out as they give the car an even smoother ride.

The car is a very nice place to be with ventilated seats, more than adequate power, and nearly every other feature you could want. I will be sad to return it, especially those seats, once I get my car back. They do wonders in the afternoon Texas heat.

I’ve put nearly 3000 miles on 300's this year in this 300C and a 300S in June. This would be my weapon of choice if I drove long distances day in and day out.


And why my car is in the shop:

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