Behold, our little car family!

The Forester (left) is mine, the Saab is my other half's car. I've been driving the scoob for a little while now, love it but already thinking of how a few things can be tweaked. Trouble is, I know ten times more about Saabs than Subarus - but I hear scoobs can be modded pretty easily and that lots of parts just bolt on and off other vehicles. I'd like to treat her to the odd improvement once every 6 months/year, just little cheap things around £100-200. Help me Oppos, what kind of things can be done fairly cheaply and easily to tweak things for the better? I'd like better brakes to be honest - she's always stopped well enough for the situation but a tad more convincingly would be nice, and seems to have a nap from 40-60 (2.0L non-turbo) so a bit more push would be nice. Really though, just occasional and steady improvements here and there would be good, I'm not too fussy. Hear the stock lights aren't too great too, but anything looks less bright next to the Saabs retina-melters.

Oh yeah, should mention I don't mind doing some basics myself but if not I'll factor the local indy garages time into any more complex jobs.

Cheers :)