Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

With the fixed-ish front forks the GS takes on an even sharper lean when parked. Uh, I really really don’t like that. While I’m figuring out what stand I need to get I’m rigging up a temporary solution.

That little silver block down there is a “herb grinder”. My bestie gave it (and a bunch of other related stuff) to me about four years ago to hold onto in case she is ever in a position to need to grind “herb” again. Last time she used it was five years ago. Well, she didn’t tell me she left a giant nug in the thing! That giant five year old nug basically disintegrated and since the grinder was also hidden in a bucket of Folgers, well this grinder is ruined.


I threaded some zip ties through it then set the bike down. It passed the test! Now all I have to do is take the brackets I have laying around at home and bolt it on.

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