Impulse buy acquired

Brand new 15x7 -6ET American Racing Torq-Thrust Ds with brand new Firestone Destination LE2s were mounted yesterday. They are the absolute shit.

Oh, one small note to anyone who wants to buy TTDs, you have to remove the center cap to get a socket over the lug nuts. The cap is held on by five small aluminum screws that require an allen wrench. We’ll be keeping one of the three provided allens in the glovebox at all times in case we need to change a wheel out for the spare. On the flip side, that cap helps stall any wheel thieves...unless they carry an allen key.


Here’s the before:

Here’s the after:


I always wanted to have a vehicle with these badass wheels, but I didn’t expect it to be a 4.0L V6 pickup. The GT Grabbers were certainly done-in as the former fronts have some noticeable outside camber. The original Ranger wheel caps appear to be the source of an annoying squeaking noise when rolling! Two birds with one shotgun!

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