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Like the stupid idiot I am, I’ve been filling my brain with fantasies of buying a beater car to take to the track (The TT-RS is AWD so I wanted a RWD) so I’ve been looking at the usual suspects: S2000, Miatas, salvaged FR-Ss, BMW 300ci even 500 Abarths... then this BMW popped up in CL and my stupid brain would not let it go. 2001 330i Manual complete. Has a wrapped hood on cheap ‘carbon fiber’ vinyl that bugs me. But the rest of the body is clean. I like the color. Engine looks healthy and oil was good. Although it was running on water, not coolant. (?) I did check for signs of glass water or whatever but none were found. It has the M sports package and the winter weather package.

Carfax says NO ACCIDENTS amongst the last 7 owners. Clean title. AC works but fan is weak sauce. No overheating, no CELs. Was already registered for a whole year. Also the airbag recall was done, so the steering wheel looks almost new. M-style knob and short shifter with the 5 speed.


So....I got it for $2500... Made it the 40 miles commute back home so I was elated. Clutch feels good but looser than I like. Shifted well in all gears. Problems are: the digital reader has switched to KM and has stopped counting, the trip odometer works though. But should have 157K-165K miles extrapolating the Carfax. Maybe the Odo/cluster computer is bad as the title didnt have a declared mileage? Mixture of good and about to replace tires. The window tinting needs to be removed ASAP. But so far, so good. Clutch made a test drive in Hilly San Francisco.... it survived.   So, what do you say Fam? Am I an Idiot? Or at least an Idiot that got lucky on the deal? Ad below in case is gone.

It is at the local mechanic getting some fluids changed and the car inspected. next will be new brakes, tires and clutch for the track. Probably another $1,200 to spend before we are all ready.

Illustration for article titled Impulse Buy for Track Car - BMW 330i 2001 Manual - NPOCP

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