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Impulse buy of the day

Not totally an impulse, but we definitely didn’t plan on coming home with another turntable. My girlfriend and I had been talking about how our system is now probably better than the trusty audio-technica, and it’s integrated cartridge and needle. So today we were walking around Chinatown and decided to go into an awesome antique/barber/coffee shop and poke around. There were shelves of amps, speakers and turntables, but this one caught my girlfriends attention. We auditioned it, the owner tried three different needles and gave us the one that sounded best, and after a tour of his workshop downstairs with more audio equipment I’ve ever seen in one place, we were on our way with a new/old Pioneer PL15R

I barely read up on it, but it sounded lovely through the old Harman/Kardon amp and Energy speakers he had set up, so we went for it. I mean the point was to give us the ability to get a better cartridge/needle anyways, not too get anything crazy nice. Sure, I bet we could’ve had a better deal off craigslist, but I like this guys shop a lot, and he seems like a good guy to be on good terms with. Plus he warranties all his old equipment and will do repairs too.

Some other cool things from the shop


We’ll see how it sounds at home when we finally get the TV a wall mount and can arrange the components properly

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