Impulse buy of the weekend: Italian Sportbike Edition

Yet another motorcycle appears to have come to my house and adopted me as it’s owner. And this one is fancy! And Italian! And rare!

A friend of mine has a couple Aprilia SR50 factory scooters which I’ve had the chance to ride. Both impressed the hell out of me in terms of what a 50cc was capable of. As a result I’ve had an IFTTT recipe set up for about 6 months now in order to find an SR for myself to ride around the city. Unfortunately the market’s been pretty dry lately and I haven’t seen any real good deals. Well thanks to a quick dyslexia moment by the seller, this RS50 triggered my search and sent me a notification. Two hours later it was in my garage.


Power comes from a carbureted water cooled 50cc two stroke and gets put through an impossibly close ratio 6 speed transmission. It certainly won’t light your hair on fire, but at 10-12 HP (depending on where you look) it’s pretty damn impressive for 0.05L. From about 6k through the 11.5k redline it pulls with surprising eagerness and makes a fantastic noise doing it.

This one has been sitting for the better part of a decade, so the carb is a little gummed up. Runs and rides just fine, but it won’t hold idle. Thankfully parts for these are cheap and pretty easy to come by (as long as you are willing to ship from Europe). So far it seems pretty easy to work on, everything is laid out in a logical fashion with easy access to all service areas.


I’m excited, this thing is going to be a riot once it’s back to 100%. The more I ride them, the more I find myself drawn to low displacement bikes, just like the “slow car fast” principal, there is something really fun about a motorcycle you can really wring out in most situations.

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