Impulse DIY: Molding a shift knob

I love my Lancer Evo/Ralliart shift knobs. Something about the shape makes for the world’s best fidget spinner. Unfortunately, they’re solid aluminum, which means they’re awful in the Exocet. So I decided on a whim to pick up a silicone kit on Amazon last night and make a mold. My mold box SUCKED. I’ve bought some LEGO blocks for next time so I don’t waste as much silicone and don’t need to use whatever cardboard is around.

It leaked. Boo.


The plastic tube that I used to extend the end of the shifter melted a bit either from the chemical reaction of the cure or the extra heat I was adding with a space heater.

Fortunately, it came out fine.

Looks like a sex toy, I assure you it’s a shift knob.


I filled it with black tinted resin for a test. Should be cured by this time tomorrow.

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