Somebody bought the NB I had my eye on. That’s fine, because the other NB I had my eye on was available. Nope, never mind. Not to worry, it’s not like the third NB I had my eye on would be sold out from under me, right?

It did. Fortunately, the fourth one is still on there but only because the seller wants $9000 for a rather tired 2001 SE. Not even low miles, mind you...and it’s a two-hour drive away. No thank you.


As I am the master of impulsive, poorly-thought decisions I emailed the local Mazda dealer to get in on the leftover 2016 ND Clubs. We had something of a high-tension back-and-forth (okay, fine polite, to-the-point emails, but that doesn’t sound dramatic enough). The current deal’s at a fair price (OTD alone is about where my last quote started), but I think I can get it a little lower.

In any case, holy shit this escalated quickly but I like where this is going. If this works out, it means my next vehicle after this will HAVE to be a used Toyota 4x4 or Subaru Forester. No complaints.

My life is spiraling out of control, but like in a good way.