And only 8 Oppo members were brave enough to sign up. Sad. 6 different nationalities though. Starting with an optional Biergarten visit in Munich tonight, the 22th of June, we’ll leave for Austria and Italy on Friday. Saturday will be Italy and Switzerland and on Sunday it’ll be Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The two pictures feature both hotels we’ll be staying at in Italy.

Hotel Interalpen, Italy.
The other hotel we’ll be staying at.

Current, incomplete, car list:

  • An unknown rental
  • Opel Senator 3.0 24V (1991)
  • Renault Megane RS 265
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Toyota MR2 (mk1)
  • Toyota MR2 (mk3)

Interesting tidbit: if we ignore the rental there are 4 RWD cars and 1 FWD car on that list. The FWD one is easily the fastest and the most French.


Google maps links that can be used for navigation (once the first entry is replaced by gps based “your location”):

Day 1.1.


Day 1.2.

Day 2.


Day 3.

Our route:


Europpomeet June 2017