In 2011, you could spend in excess of 70k on a BMW and still not get powered seats

I was on BAT killing some time at the end of the work day when I came across this E92 M3. In the listing, it mentions the MSRP, which was $71,675. It also mentions that the M3 is equipped with the Black Novillo leather, at this time the listing then points out that it was a $950 option.


Missing though, is the note that the seats are not electric. They are in fact manual. That’s right, you could spend 70k on an M3, and still have to move your own seat. I knew they were a cost option, my E92 doesn’t have power seats, but I usually see them on the cars with none of the options selected, not one that has in excess of 10k of options on it.

You might argue that non-power seats are better and that they’re lighter, but that’s not the point. I think on a 70k BMW you should get them thrown in for nothing more.

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