Just like the title says. I’ve had the J2000 just over 24 hours, and buying two parts (three technically) have cost me about the same amount of money as the J2000. That said, they’re GREAT parts.

The car in the good old days of 2010.

First, while rifling through the box of parts I found that I have neither an intake manifold nor a carburetor. Last setup on the car was a 2bbl Holley, and I didn’t really want to run that...I wanted to run dual side-drafts. So I found a manifold to that end:


Lynx Auto in Australia had the part I needed, a dual DCOE manifold for a GM Family II. For $360 AUS, which I was thankful to find was $240 USD shipped to my door.

Second...well I mean I had the manifold, so I needed carburetors. I considered going to Chinese knockoff route, but I’ll be rejetting and needing parts so that seemed like a bad idea. A pair of real Weber DCOE 40s would set me back $800, so also no. A pair of used Weber 45s are on eBay for $350...eh, that’s getting there.

But this morning I found, newly listed, a pair of very nice vintage Dellorto DHLA 40 Ns, which are a non-emissions variant and well suited to my car. $250 shipped to me? Yes, please.


After tax it was $260, so between the two I spent the same $500 I spent on the car. Now to sell some un-needed things to pay myself back.

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