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In a bit of good news/bad news/amazing news

I have other rants coming about a world of negativity, but I lost my wallet the other day.

I even have a Tile in it, to make sure I don’t lose it. There isn’t anything in there I can’t cancel properly, except for that I’ve had my Driver’s License number stolen before and there is almost no recompense.


Using the Tile I managed to track it back to the last place it received a signal, which was a grocery store my wife and I go to all the time.

In the lost and found was my wallet. I had dropped it in the parking lot (I’ve NEVER done this before) and a kind stranger had picked it up and turned it into the store (impressed and surprised.)


The part that was amazing was that my cash was still in it. Albeit, not much, but I definitely expected that to be gone.

Someone was nice to me that day and I felt gratitude and shame at my own incompetence.

Since I own a Corvette, is it time to get a wallet on a chain, Oppo? I bought New Balances with my rescued cash. 

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